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BIOCLEAN Hand cleaner (paste)

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Hand cleaner for strongest industrial dirt.

BIOCLEAN HAND CLEANER (PASTE) is a high-viscous, pleasantly perfumed hand cleaner with micronized rubber powder as rubbing grains, contains skin friendly, caring substances and is free of solvents and terpenes. pH-value: neutral.

BIOCLEAN HAND CLEANER (PASTE) is intended for cleaning hands showing strong impurities. The dirt is removed from the skin on a mild way, emulsified and rinsed with water. The cleaning process is mechanically supported by a micronized rubber powder, which neither blocks drains nor pipelines. After the washing process the skin feels soft and smooth.

Area of application
BIOCLEAN HAND CLEANER (PASTE) is a successful and proven hand cleaner and meets all requirements, which are set on a hand cleaner today. It cleans the skin fast, thoroughly and gentle, in particular at persistent oily and greasy dirt and dusts. BIOCLEAN HAND CLEANER (PASTE) is universally applicable in the mining industry, print shops, foundry, engineering and garages.

BIOCLEAN HAND CLEANER (PASTE) should be dispensed by a dispenser system (for example Ökomat). Apply to the dry skin one to two pumps, spread and rub well by making washing movements. When the dirt has removed, rinse with water until the hand is free from foam. When working with water insoluble components like tar, varnish, inks, resins or similar components its appropriate to apply BIOPLUS SKIN PROTECTION on the clean and dry hands before work. This skin protection makes a later cleansing much easier.

Packaging sizes

      6 x 2,5 and 12 x 1 l Wide-mouth bottles
      6 x 2 L Bags
    25 x 250 ml Bottles