Ökotop GmbH - certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Tread Marking Inks For The tyre Industry

Ökotop Tread marking inks are highly pigmented special tyre paints, based on a rubber compound which has especially been produced for this purpose. By appropriate preparation the paint gets the desired viscosity. The production criteria are the same as those of a high quality lacquer. The pigmentation is done in a way and at a density that after the process light colours are still preserved. Because of its rubber based basic substance the paint forms a firm unit with the tread.

Reading system for the automatic assignment of tyres

Even after a longer production the color recognition for the sorting system and detection device is still perfect. In general the paints are transferred by means of small paint rollers. The formulation and the chosen viscosity let them dry on the hot tread very fast. This is the reason why a transfer of the paint on transport equipment as rollers, tapes etc. is avoided.

The used ink bottles are equipped with an appropriate thread, so that if necessary appropriate  reel-lockings can be used.
To achieve the closure tightness of the bottles even at a considerable heat transfer through the tread, a particularly heavy and tight bottle material is used.

The marking of raw rubber and tyres is also possible with the Ökotop marking ink!


In principle following colors are manufactured:

    - red
    - blue
    - white
    - green
    - orange
    - yellow

other colors are possible upon request!

The colors brown and violet and other colors can be produced upon request. All colors are available on a basis of orange terpene, which is produced from the zest of oranges. It is colorless to slightly yellowish with a typical smell of oranges and citrus fruits.

The production of the colors undergoes a continuous quality control. The appropriate test report is attached to each delivery. Here all essential parameters of the products are shown.