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SACOR Grease and additives for motor vehicles and work machines

The importance of appropriate grease is not to be sneezed at, as grease is an important constructional element, especially if it’s utilized as long-term grease.
Öktop GmbH offers following products and SACOR greases:


Extremly adhesive, high quality EP-long-term lubricant, lithium soap-based, suitable for anti-friction bearings, slide bearings and central lubricating systems in haul trucks and work machines, with a distinct corrosion protection and resistant to salt water, -30°C up to +140°C.


Special calcium-complex soap-grease with MoS2- and graphite-content for the lubrication of highly impacted slide bearings at high temperatures and extra high demands on corrosion and wear protection, gear rim-lubrication, -20°C up to +200°C, NLGI-class 0 or 2, also available in aerosol can and for the use in the Ökotop system grease press.


Solid lubricant containing universal high performance lubrication grease with excellent wear protection for grease lubrication points at haul trucks and work machines. Brilliant approved at extreme load, for example in on-site traffic, -30C up to +140 deg;C. Also available for the use in the Ökotop system grease press.

SACOR 758 - Synthetic High Temperature Grease

SACOR–758 is a Perfluorpolyether lubricant for permanent lubrication based on synthetically base oil (polyalphaolefin-based). SACOR–758 is both thermic and mechanical high-stressable, squeeze-stable, water resistant and protective against corrosion and resistant to saltwater. Service temperature range is between –20°C and +250°C.
SACOR–758 is recommended for grease lubrication points of every description, especially when grease lubrication points are subject to high temperatures and particularly high demands are made on the lubricating grease.


    Colour: white
    Form: paste-like
    Smell: characteristic
    Operating temperature: -20°C up to +250°C
    NLGI-Class 0-1