Ökotop GmbH - certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015

SACOR Lubricating And Hydraulic Oil

SACOR MR 40 VG 150 Lubricating and Hydraulic Oil

Universal lubricating and hydraulic oils with active agents to increase the oxidation- and thermal-resistance, with distinctive protective against corrosion, detergent/dispergent. Typical problem solver. Hydraulic oil HLPD according to DIN 51 524-2, lubricants CL(P) according to DIN 51 517. *)

SACOR B HVI Lubricating and Hydraulic Oil

Lubricating and hydraulic oil with active agents to improve the resistance to ageing, the corrosion and wear protection, demulsifying. Hydraulic oils HLP according to DIN 51 524-2 (Series B HVI: DIN 51 524-3), Lubricating oils CL(P) according to DIN 51 517. *)