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SACOR Tire Bead Damping Solution For The Tyre Industry

SACOR Tire bead Damping Solution V222

The Product
High-quality lubricant for tyre fitting and tire bead damping solution for tyre testing plants to determine quality standards.

Technical Data

This product is a composition which has been proven for a long time in industry, based on potassium soap, alcohol & wetting agents.

The unique composition of SACOR-V 222 causes a high lubricating effect, without streaking at the rubber parts. Due to steady quality controls in the process of tyre production, the product was purpose-developed for the use at automatic testing plants to guarantee a secure centring of the tyre to proof on the test device.

The viscosity of the product allows a treatment in spraying techniques. However the product can be applied to the appropriate surface in any other way.

Ecological Information
The product is water-soluble and ecologically harmless in small quantities. Toxicologically the product does not cause any side effects when used properly. Please take further information from the safety data sheet.