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SACOR Release Agents For The Production Of Tyres

During complete vulcanisation of tyre blanks in the heating press SACOR-tyre-release agents by  Ökotop  GmbH ensure that the finished tyre is easily removed from the heating hose and mold.
SACOR release agents protect the heating hose from damage and improve its sliding qualities. In the process from a sticky tyre blank of rubber to a finished rubber tyre, release agents are essential companions.

Solvent free SACOR-release agents are applied to the inside of the blank (SACOR RTI) and avoid the blank to vulcanise or adhesion on the heating hose, as tyre manufacturers say. To remove the finished tyre easily from the heating press, release agents are often also applied to the outside of the blank (SACOR RTA).
To displace air between tyre and mould completely, the outside of the tyre blank is treated with release agents. After vulcanization the release agent film makes an immaculately matt surface.

Solvent-free Products
In the last few years solvent-free tyre release agents are used more and more. Their advantage is, that no solvent vapors are released, that require expensive explosion protection systems. Even more important is to reduce the environmental impact by eliminating solvent emissions. This is the reason why Ökotop GmbH delivers all tyre release agents as aqueous dispersions, which are finely fogged and sprayed into the inside of the tyre by automatic dispensers.

SACOR tyre release agents cause a high separability and sliding friction and have a good heat resistance. For a rapid ventilation of the gap between heating hose and tyre the release agents include solids like mica, where micro channels are built for the air escaping. So air inclusions are avoided, which can be the reasons for cracks, hunches or shifts in a tyre. Another advantage are the short drying times. A smooth release agent film is built, where mica dust doesn’t remove. Because of the high lubricity of the SACOR-release agents the heating hose can smoothly insert into the inside of the tyre and after vulcanization easily be removed. Furthermore the lubricating film protects the heating hose from damage.

With their know-how and flexibility Ökotop GmbH is able to develop and produce individual release agents, tire paints (SACOR RTI) and outside paints (SACOR RTA) for almost every type of tyres.