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Terms & Conditions

Ökotop GMBH
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By placing an order the customer accepts our terms of sale, delivery and payment. They form an essential part of the supply. Other agreements are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by us. This our sales and delivery against running conditions in the sales order are canceled by this confirmation to the full extent; they replace our conditions.

Our offers are subject to terms of price and availability. For sales or trades who make the sales representatives, we always reserve the right to make the final decision. For initial unknown to us Companies we reserve the right to be paid on delivery or payment in advance. For subsequent lending this company will be asked to give us references. Verbally or by telephone given information or prices are not binding and subject to written confirmation.

All prices and offers are ex works, unless otherwise agreed. The show travels, unless otherwise agreed, at the expense and risk of the purchaser. Packaging and shipping costs will be charged at cost. If the goods are ready for shipment and the shipment is delayed by a carrier, or the assumption by the buyer, the delivery shall be deemed to be effected on the day of payment and all dangers go to the Purchaser.

Terms of delivery
The delivery date refers exclusively to the shipment from the factory. Fixed dates will be accepted, unless they have been previously approved in writing. Disturbing events, particularly acts of God, labor disputes, energy and raw material shortages or similar from we are not responsible events by us or our suppliers, release us from complying with the promised delivery dates. The delivery is carried out, unless otherwise agreed, about 7-8 working days after order inflow.

Partial deliveries
We are entitled to make partial deliveries, unless expressly agreed to the contrary. This is especially true for jobs that consist of different products.

Special order
For orders of customized the purchaser assumes all liability with respect to the reproduction and production law. Our liability is excluded. For surrendered templates, samples, and other print medium, re-serving items, we accept no liability.

Raw materials situation
We reserve price changes in an individual case, if at the time of execution of the order a change in commodity prices has occurred. Delivery quantities can be confirmed at the time of production available quantities of raw materials only subject under reference.

In cases of incomplete or incorrect or defective delivery shall be carried forward in writing within 7 days after receiving the goods to us at the latest. This also applies to goods delivered by us to your customers goods. For defects that are detectable occurred due to a situation prior to the transfer of risk, we, at our option by repair or replacement. Defective items are returned to us at our request, to the claim for compensation to prüfen.Wenn we are not in a position within a reasonable period of time to improve or provide a replacement, the buyer may rescind the contract.

Rentention of Title
Until the final payment the goods remain our property, in particular the purchaser may pledge such until full payment is neither a third party nor transfer them for safety's sake. For resale under retention of title All Rights Reserved to us have been assigned. If the goods are seized or impounded by a third party, it must be borne by the purchaser of our retention of title and to notify us immediately.

You will receive an invoice with the shipment and pay within the specified period the total amount. Unless otherwise agreed, our invoices are payable within 14 days with a discount of 2%, within 30 days net, from the date of invoice in each case. We grant 3% cash discount in case of bank collection insofar as at this time there are no other outstanding claims against the buyer. The delivery date is also the date of invoice. A temporal extension of the above terms of payment after receipt of the invoice date will not be accepted by us. Failure to comply with the agreed terms of payment, we reserve the right, from the Expiration Date, to levy interest at the prevailing bank interest. Discount is granted only if all financial obligations are met from previous deliveries. Payments, including cash in advance, have only liberating effect when they are paid to us. Third parties are not entitled to collect, unless they put power before. To offset or withhold from payments made by the Purchaser shall only be entitled if counterclaims are uncontested or legally established. Deductions that have not been agreed, are not recognized. This is especially true for expenses of the Purchaser, which are the cost of his own economic activity, the public perception.

Partial deliveries
We are entitled to make partial deliveries as far as not expressly otherwise agreed. This is especially true for orders consisting of several products.

We are entitled to withdraw from the contract for important reasons. Important reasons are in particular default in payment, payment difficulties and denial of a required security deposit. Come important reasons thus granted loans are due immediately. A lending, even in the context of the above payment deadlines, at our absolute discretion.

Place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties is the seat of Ökotop GmbH. In commercial transactions among merchants, our headquarters is agreed as the place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties. It is only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

If any provision of these Conditions of Sale, Delivery and Terms and Conditions be incomplete or invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Ineffective or incomplete provisions are to be replaced by or supplemented who come to the original contractual intent of the parties in a legally permissible manner to others.